Our Work


Our brief was to create a website for a local restaurant who previously had been handling all of their order management offline. 

This project involves:

  • Bespoke Design using a site builder with custom photography

  • Setup of an end to end eCommerce user journey. 

  • Integration of a third party gateway

  • Integration of shipping rates and conditions for complex orders.

  • The final deployment of the website. 


Our brief was to design and build a website for a startup tech blog that will help people gain employment in technology. 

This project involved:

  • Setting up of the website using an industry leading content management system. 

  • Set up a template with the content and images provided. 

  • Building the page template layouts to be reused across the website. 

  • Setting up third party data-capture plugins so the startup can capture data from their users.

  • Set-up of Google Analytics Tagging to track user behoviour and demographics.